How can we improve MicroSurvey CAD, inCAD, or embeddedCAD?

Fix existing issues please, not new features.

Don't add any new features, enhancements, frills, rather concentrate on systematically going through the whole program(s) and fix once and for all the broken or fickle areas of the program(s).
As programs develop over many years and new features get added the program becomes disjointed, not fluent and things could be better organised to make the whole application cleaner, leaner and more stable.
Currently MsCad has settings for various parts of the program spread across different areas.
COGO, Traverse etc all could do with a revamp and make it easier for egs to go straight to a dialogue box where all unit/ angle settings are in one place, and in a one click operation.
Scale factors, angle additions are common functions across a few areas.
Units displayed in 4 decimals only display in 3 in other areas, same with angles/ bearings.
Line and bearing information is not not consistent throughout the program.
Layers: needs those issues fixing where we copy and paste or use the drag and drop method.
I acknowledge the need to keep abreast of for egs Windows update, but I'm not referring to those in this post.

Put up a place we can post ideas of broken or conflicting areas where we all have access and can make suggestions.

There are issues that have been carried through various iterations of MsCad and never get fixed. Some are said to be so, but in real life aren't.

Video cards and antivirus seem to be singled out by Microsurvey as areas for concerns.
I wonder when no other applications including Bricscad, Manifold GIS, Canvas GIS etc don't fall foul of these areas of concern.
That says something to me so maybe a need for review in MsCad?

My 2 bobs worth form DownUnder.

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