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Add Wildcard For Better Point Descriptions

We have about 1500 Public Land Survey corners in our county. The corners are marked with a variety of monument types, and each corner has a unique description. The following are examples:
N1/4 10 T28R21 – CIM (cast iron monument)
NE10 T28-R21 – STONE
MC#12 WIT - ½” IP
I would like to place all three corners on the same layer with a different symbol for each of the three monument types; CIM, STONE, and ½” IP. Of course they’ll all have different descriptions.
Seems like a simple and practical idea but I don’t see how it’s possible with AutoMap Editor. I have the same problem with our control points.
My suggestion is to offer a second wildcard feature that won’t allow anything in the description in front of the wildcard to be plotted on the drawing even if “Plot Exact Field Description” is toggled on in the editor.
Using “^” as the wildcard, my field descriptions would look like this:
PCIM^N1/4 10 T28R21 – CIM In the AutoMap editor any field description starting with PCIM would be placed on our PLS layer (P) with a CIM point symbol. With the “Plot Exact Field Description” toggled on the description should display as “N1/4 10 T28R21 – CIM”.
PS^NE10 T28-R21 – STONE Same as above; placed on the PLS layer but with a STONE symbol.
PIP^MC#12 REF - ½” IP Same as above; placed on the PLS layer but with an IRON PIPE symbol.
It really seems like this simple (easy for me to say) addition would add a lot flexibility to AutoMap.

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  • AdminBrian Sloman (Development Manager, MicroSurvey Software Inc.) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi John,
    The AutoMap Library in MSCAD 2013 now supports both leading and trailing wildcards, so you can create AutoMap entries like *CIM*, *STONE*, *IP*, etc that will match anywhere within the field code. I believe this new functionality will address what you're wanting, but in a much different way from your proposed ^ wildcard character. Please let me know what you think.

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